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On-Site & Remote Computer Repair Services in Palm Beach County

On-Site & Remote Computer Repair Services in
Palm Beach County

We Specialize in On-Site & Remote Computer Repair Services in Palm Beach County. Having been in business since 2012, we have helped many local residential and commercial customers in and around west palm beach florida. We strive to keep our rates as competitive as possible. If you are having computer problems, give us a call today at 561-299-0736 to set an appointment.

Malware Removal and Optimization

We have the tools and know how, to Analise your system, and clean viruses and malware with our computer repair west palm beach service.
If your system is completely down it may be due to many thing’s, such as a power supply failure,
Corrupted Operating System, Damaged MBR. No Matter the issue we can help you.

WIFI Setup & Trouble Shooting

When your WiFI is giving you trouble, we have the ability to setup new wireless networks, range extenders, WIFI Printers and much more. Maybe you are having weak signal in spots of your home or office. We can help.
Call us today at 561-299-0736 to schedule an appointment.

Computer Hardware & Software Diagnostics

Our Techs are specialists at determining what is causing your system to function incorrectly or maybe it is not functional at all. Whatever the situation we can diagnose and repair most hardware and software issues on the spot.
In some instances your computer may need a new component that we may not carry on site. If this is the case we can take the machine in for a 72 hour repair if parts have to be ordered. ThisĀ  is not the normal, but it does happen from time to time.
Being an on-site service, we do not have the ability to carry every component for every model of pc.

Printer Setup & Trouble Shooting

Most of our printers today are wifi capable, if you are having problems getting your printer setup or maybe
you need it setup differently, through USB or Ethernet. We can diagnose the situation and get you up and running in no time.
Call us today at 561-299-0736 to schedule an appointment.

Remote Computer Repair

Remote Computer Cleanup & Diagnostics

Today it is very common for companies to perform remote computer services. Such as, scanning your machine for infections, removal of infections and malware that can cause your system to become slow.
We have the ability to run diagnostic testing and manually check for irregular startup items etc, to ensure that your computer is running optimally. We do offer a discount from our normal onsite service rates for this service, however, your machine must be able to access the internet. Some infected machine’s are very difficult to connect to depending on the type of infection.

Please call 561-299-0736, We should be able to take care of your remote system cleanup same day.