Step 1

Download and run the remote software, no installation required, and then give us a call at 561-299-0736

Remote PC Repair

Many of our support services can be performed remotely.

Remote service is a painless process. You simply install our remote PC repair software. Our remote software will allow professional PC Services to connect to your PC and perform virus and spyware removal, PC cleanup and troubleshooting. This will allow you to have your computer diagnosed and repaired without having to set time aside for a repairmen to come to your house or business.

Give us a call today to get remote PC repair in Florida

Step 2

Once Professional PC Services has checked your connection to ensure that remote service can be performed, you must make a payment prior to having remote PC services completed.

Make Payment

All of our payments are handled through Paypal. Having a Paypal account isn’t necessary as Paypal accepts all credit card payments. Simply select “pay with a debit or credit card” after you press the pay for service button.

All major card types are accepted. We are unable to see or store any of your personal credit information.

Thank You

remote support

If you are having problems with popups or strange activity while browsing the internet, remote repair is a viable solution.

Even with an antivirus software running, malware and viruses can slip through and infect your computer. That’s where the remote services provided by Professional PC Services can benefit you.

Keep your valuable information such as bank account numbers, imortant data files and passwords safe with professional remote service.

Call us today and we will make sure your computer is clean and safe by removing any threats. Having our remote service will allow you to enjoy your online experience, free from the fear of prying eyes viewing your sensitive data.

In special cases, remote repair can’t be done. If we find that your computer issue requires onsite computer repair, a highly trained computer repair professional will come to your home or business within hours.
When you call for remote repair, we will connect to your computer first and make sure everything is operable for the remote repair. Some viruses block internet connectivity or completely disable the computer.

If your computer can’t be repaired remotely, you will NOT be charged for remote repair service. Should this occur, Professional PC Services will gladly schedule an onsite appointment appointment with you.