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Professional PC Services

The Leading Boynton Beach Computer Repair Solution

Searching for a Boynton Beach computer repair service provider is very simple as while browsing over the internet, one can find a large array of lists who are offering their services but the Important task is to find the reliable and genuine service provider.

Luckily, Professional PC Services is here, with our ever growing experience, we are well known for offering quality results and services. In addition, we also consider the basic maintenance services which include PC checkup and Tune Up.

Why Go With Professional PC Services Boynton Beach Computer Repair?


Professional PC Services is the leading computer repair solution who is offering their services throughout the Boynton Beach area. We also provide remote Boynton Beach computer repair services that helps in reducing  both the time and costs. We handle different software issues and fix spyware and viruses. Thus, for every sort of problems we bring a perfect solution for you!!

We are a small group of experts who have over 22 years of IT industry experience each and hence gain a professional knowledge to resolve each and every issue related to the system. We are not only limited to desktop repairs but we also provide our services for laptop repairs, Mac Book, i Mac and a lot more. Our guy’s personally visit offices and homes to fix the problems at very reasonable rates without compromising the quality of services.

Want To Get Rid of hidden Costs Then We Have The Solution…


There are many service providers in Boynton Beach that charge a large amount of hidden costs which becomes the most frustrating part for the customers. For this reason we are offering a full 30 day warranty on our service repairs so that you can feel much more comfortable and relaxed after receiving our services. Moreover, there are no hidden charges involved.

So, what are you waiting for!! Schedule an appointment today. We are always here to assist you in any way.

A Few Other Services of PPCS:

Networking: Today the complete world is based on the internet, for this reason, we are also providing networking services both wireless and wired which is remarkably helpful especially in offices, home offices, etc. where many computers can get connected with a single high speed connection.

  • Virus and Spyware Protection: While working over the internet, a person normally has to face many problems related to spy-ware and other viruses that slows down the PC, block the internet connection, create pop ups or error messages, preventing your PC from booting up. To stop all the attacks from malware, we are also offering our invaluable services at very affordable rates.
  • Wireless Networking: Today with the invention of latest electronic devices like phones, tablets, etc. wireless networks are in great demand. It is true that it grants more freedom of doing internet in electronic devices. For this reason, we are also offering the services of a wireless network so that you can access the internet from any corner of your room and even print your documents right from your bed.
  • Hardware Repair: A system is made up of various parts which include motherboards, memory, processors, hard drives and many more. Thus, for any hardware issue, we are here to bring you the best solution without wasting your time and money.